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  • Samantha McClellan

New Mom Postpartum Recovery Essentials

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

You probably won't unwrap any of these items at your baby shower, but if you are a soon-to-be new mom wondering what to have on hand to ease your postpartum recovery these are some of the essentials. Also, if you have a new mom in your life and you want to give her a legitimately helpful gift, make up a basket of these items and she will be eternally grateful.

After Ease: This herbal tincture works wonders at easing those wildly unpleasant after birth cramps that come on during nursing in the first few days postpartum.

Natracare Pads: Soreness "down there" can be worsened by wearing an uncomfortable plastic-y feeling pad. Especially if you are dealing with stitches, you are going to want a pad that feels soft and fabric-like and these are a great brand.

Herbal Sitz Bath: My family lovingly refers to this as "hoo-ha tea". It is basically a collection of healing herbs put into a large tea bag that you add to a regular bath or a sitz bath to help ease postpartum perineal pain or hemorrhoids. It is very soothing, especially when combined with epsom salts.

Dermaplast: This is something that you will often get at the hospital, but trust me when I say, buy more. This is a numbing/cooling spray that also helps A LOT with soreness and stitches.

Mama Strut: A postpartum support garment is NOT a waist trainer. These wraps/belts offer some added abdominal and pelvic support following birth to help you feel more comfortable and confident bending and moving. Regardless of whether you have a vaginal birth or a C-Section your abdominal muscles will feel weak for weeks after birth because they are recovering from being stretched to the max and separated to make room for your full-term uterus. Your hip and pelvic joints will also feel a bit unstable as they recover from pregnancy and as that hormone relaxin works its way out of your system. If you have a c-section you will also need some added support as your incision heals. This Particular brand- Mama Strut Also offers some added pelvic support and has the option of added hot and cold packs to the lower back and perineal supports.

Boob-Ease: These bamboo hot/cold packs help manage the discomfort of engorgement that comes in the early weeks of breastfeeding as your supply regulates.

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