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  • Samantha McClellan

Online Childbirth Education

Why on earth would anyone take an online childbirth education class?

Why on earth would I create an online childbirth education course?

Well, I'll tell you. We have an education disconnect in the birth world right now.

On the one hand, we have OBs, nurses, midwives, and doulas preaching the importance of things like informed consent, birth planning, education, communication, knowing your options and preparing for a positive experience. Go on Instagram or Facebook or Youtube and it will take you zero time to find thousands of posts touting the importance of becoming educated and informed about birth.


People aren't doing it. They aren't going to classes. They aren't investing in education. They aren't becoming informed.

I recently did some market research of my own in a Facebook mom's group of over 6,000 women and about 60% of the people who responded said that they had NEVER taken a childbirth course.

This is happening at a time where we are facing a tragic maternal mortality crisis...


This disconnect, in my opinion, is the result of an industry that has stopped actually paying attention to what expectant parents need. The world of childbirth education stopped evolving a few decades ago, while the pace of life and parenting has kicked into high gear.

Who has time to go sit in a hospital classroom every Monday night for 6 weeks while "Pam" the 50-year-old L&D nurse shows you diagrams of a dilated cervix? Who has $200 to spend on a class when there are car seats to buy and daycare to save for and freaking insane insurance bills to pay? Not the working mom about to have her first kid. Not the third time mom with two other little mouths to feed and butts to the diaper. Not you.

So now what? Well, if you're like all of those moms that I talked to on Facebook... you wing it. You hope that your nurse will give you some guidance. You hope that this birth will be different (or the same) as your last birth. You tell yourself that you don't have any control over it anyway so what's the point in planning... and you just close your eyes and jump.

Sometimes that works... most of the time it doesn't. Nurses get busy and are in and out of the room, births are different, babies are different and you're left in labor not knowing what is happening or what to do.

That, in a nutshell, is why I created an alternative. An online, on-demand course that meets the needs of first-time parents and fifth-time parents alike. A course that can be done after work, on the weekend, after bedtime, in your living room, in your PJs, on your phone, on your laptop... on a BUDGET!

Because if we really believe that information is the key to better birth then its time to get serious about getting that information out there in a way that actually works for everyone.

So, if you're looking for a course that works, that's affordable and that won't waste your time check out my Comfort Measures For Labor Course. It's $45 and will give you all the tools that you and your partner need to feel prepped and ready to work through contractions and handle labor effectively.

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