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  • Samantha McClellan

Comparing Types of Baby Carriers

It's hard to overstate how helpful baby-wearing can be in that first year postpartum. ⁠ Babies like to be held, but we also have to live life, take care of other children, grocery shop, empty the dishwasher and fold laundry. ⁠

Baby carriers are the answer! Baby-wearing is also a great bonding tool for dads or other caregivers. ⁠ But there are SO MANY OPTIONS! How do you know what will be best for you?! ⁠ Here's a breakdown: ⁠ Stretchy Wrap: Great for the early months!! Super cozy, very womb-like, easily washable, tie it once and pop baby in and out without redoing it all day long. Lots of fabric does take some practice to get used to. ⁠ Ring Sling: Great for running errands and keeping in the diaper bag. Folds up small. Not a lot of fabric. But can get uncomfortable for long periods of time. ⁠ Soft Structured Carrier: Very versatile. It can be used for front and back carries. Easy for beginners, grandparents, babysitters... Not great for newborns because it requires an insert or at least a rolled-up towel until they are 3-4 months old. ⁠ Woven Wrap: The carrying possibilities are endless. As customizable as it gets. Very beautiful. It can be used from newborns to toddlers. Comfortable to wear. There is a learning curve. ⁠ Hybrid Carrier: It can be used for front and back carriers. Ease of a soft structured carrier with the more custom fit of a wrap. ⁠ If you're pregnant or just starting out with babywearing look in your area for a local babywearing group. Many groups have lending libraries where you can try different carriers each month for a very low cost and also get instructions on how to use each type of carrier. ⁠

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