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  • Samantha McClellan

Birth Consultant vs Birth Doula

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Birth doula vs birth consultant (Raleigh Birth Doulas)

You're in desperate need of someone to help you navigate the ups and downs of pregnancy, preparing for birth, and handling the postpartum transition. Yet, you're a private person who just KNOWS that you would feel hung up and self-conscious with extra people in the room during labor and birth. ⁠

Many people WANT the hands-on, in-person labor support that a doula can offer. Partners like not being the only person available to help mom and moms like having a professional who will stay with them through shift changes, answer questions and bring a calm presence to the room no matter how the birth plays out. ⁠

However, there are also plenty of people who want their birth experience to be as private as possible and even a doula feels like too much. I get that, I do. ⁠

That's why we have started offering a new birth consultant service. This service includes all of the same prenatal appointments as our regular doula package- allowing you to ask questions, get a refresher on the birth process, walk through birth planning, practice comfort techniques and more. It also includes on-call phone, text and email support during your pregnancy, labor, and birth as well as two postpartum follow-up visits to help make sure that you are equipped with the support and resources that you need to have an enjoyable postpartum transition. ⁠ Everything but the in-person labor support.⁠ If you're interested, visit our website today for more info. ⁠

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