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Welcome to Elevate Birth! 

The place for birth and postpartum doulas to create community, continue their education, and grow successful businesses.

Whether you are here because you are a brand new doula looking for community and education or you are a seasoned pro looking for tips on creating a sustainable and rewarding business, Elevate is the place for you! 

Elevate Birth is a platform that supports doulas from around the world in growing their skills, knowledge, and businesses so that they can better serve their communities and themselves. 


Through our step by step, doula business basics process you will learn how to vocalize what sets you apart from the crowd, how to easily attract your ideal clients, how to manage social media marketing in the world of birth work, and how to manage your revenue goals and business processes. 


You will also gain access to monthly continuing education modules led by experts in a variety of fields that impact your clients, a wealth of birth and pregnancy resources to use with your clients, our private community, monthly group coaching calls, and even exclusive discounts on doula business products and merchandise. 


We understand that every doula is different which is why we have created a platform that is tailor-made for whatever stage of business and birth work you are in. We are here to support you and celebrate with you as you grow your business and elevate the standard of birth support in your community and around the world!  



Samantha McClellan CD(IBFA)


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