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New Doula Mentorship

Raising Up A New Generation of Birthworkers

Our practice offers a doula mentorship program that is designed to take new and prospective doulas to the next level. We teach doulas how to give the very best care while maintaining the highest levels of professionalism with medical providers and community partners.

Our apprentices may go on to join our team or they may choose to offer doula services independently. Either way, we assist with the launch of their new business and provide ongoing support throughout their journey as a birth professional.

The best way to pour into others is to be filled up first. We believe every doula should start out her career in a supportive environment. We have high standards for our doulas and want to raise the standard of care throughout North Carolina.

This program is designed for new doulas who have completed their doula training course. The program allows you to tap into our team's knowledge and be mentored through your first year of being a doula,  be supported through prenatal and postpartum client contact, and gain birth experience. These births can count towards your certifying births. ​

Program Cost: $30/month 

 Through this one year program, the mentor doula will provide guidance, support, and education to the mentee through bi-weekly phone calls, quarterly in-person meetings, support through prenatal and postpartum meetings and on-call phone support during births. There will also be the possibility of cohort presentations from professionals in the community. Topics covered will include building your "why statement" or mission statement, practicing interview skills, preparing for prenatal meetings and births, working well with medical providers, business and marketing strategies and more. 

You will be encouraged to find three clients over the course of the year to support as part of your curriculum. These births will be done on a pro-bono basis with the goal of supporting women who would otherwise not be able to financially afford private doula care (patients receiving Medicaid support or who are eligible for Medicaid based on household income). Your mentor will provide in-person support of prenatal and postpartum client contact and on-call phone support during births. 

** Our Next Cohort Will Begin in The Fall of 2020** 


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